A Swiss Sensation by Reg Jones


This painting is called “Swiss Alpine Restaurant” and is signed by Reg Jones with his address somewhere on the Berkshire/Hampshire borders. He put a price of £50 on the back.

Try as I might, I cannot find this Reg Jones unless he was Britney’s first lover or the man who went to sea in a canoe back in 2007. I don’t think he is an Australian amateur golfer or an ex-chairman of General Electric back in the 70s. Perhaps he masterminded a £135,000 benefits scam and had a personalised number plate that read BIG REG?

Actually, I don’t think he was any of the above but just plain old Reg Jones who went to Switzerland for his holidays and brought back a postcard or a photograph of his favourite place which he then copied onto a canvas.

He put his telephone number on the back as well as his address and I could telephone him but It might upset him, or his family, to know that his painting ended up in a charity shop and sold for less than £5. So I won’t do that but rest assured, Reg, we will find it a good home if its the last thing we do!


A Wycombe Wonder!


My brother found this little wonder in a charity shop in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. It is the most charming watercolour and would grace anybody’s wall. It is beautifully framed and signed by ‘Howard’. It cost my brother £2.
Thanks Bro x

Who is Janet and what is a “fosse”?

I found this lovely print in a local charity shop. It is not numbered but it is signed and called “Janet’s Fosse, Malham”. Sadly the signature is almost illegible but it looks like K A Forest. Whoever he or she may be I think it is a skilfully drawn and coloured work of art. Probably pen and ink but judge for yourself. It came unframed and cost me £3. It definitely needs a good home!


As to my original question, Janet was said to be a fairy queen living in the cave behind this waterfall which is situated near Malham in the Yorkshire Dales. A “foss” is the Nordic word for waterfall and this, presumably, is where the word “fosse” comes from.

Three Didcot Dazzlers!

Last week Peta found three absolute gems in a charity shop in Didcot, Oxfordshire. All three only cost her £5 and here they are:

1. On the back of this one it says “Screech Owl. Pen and wash. £35”. The artist is S. Harling about whom I can find nothing but I do think it is rather a beautiful owl.

2. This one is called “Snow, Rockland County”. It was painted on 6th August 2002 by Joan Durbin. Again, I have not be able to find out anything about the artist but I do like it very much. I think it is quite atmospheric. Rockland County is in the US state of New York, about 15 miles northwest of Manhatten. Perhaps the artist is American but how did it end up in Didcot? What stories could it tell?

3. The third little gem is perhaps the most interesting and also the cheapest at only £1. On the back there is a label stating that it is of “Sienna”. It is signed by Clifford H Fisher. Although I haven’t been able to find out anything about the man himself work by him does crop up on various auction websites and, needless to say, sells for more than £1. I think he must have been a bit of a traveller. I wonder who he is/was and if he is still painting?

Who is K. Hoskin?



We gave ourselves an upper limit of £5 per work of art.  I have to confess that I spent over that on this one.  It cost me £6 but I couldn’t resist it.

It is an original oil painting by K. Hoskin.  It is large, 2ft x 2.5ft (or 62cm x 78cm).  I would say it was very well painted although to my eye there is something not quite right about the large pot at the back.

I did my best to find out who K. Hoskin is.  He or she doesn’t have a website but there were some similar paintings for sale on a South African website so perhaps K. Hoskin is South African.  The other paintings I found on line by this artist had a similar look about them and I would say the artefacts were very likely to be African.

In any event, I would say it was definitely worth more than £6 and definitely deserved to be re-homed!


Fringe Arts Bath 2013 – Our First Art Fair

fringe arst bath 2013

Our stall at the Bath Art Fair

This was The Charity Shop Art Appreciation Society’s very first stall!  It took place at the Bath Art Fair on Sunday 2nd June as part of Fringe Arts Bath 2013.  Being our first stall, we had absolutely no idea how it would go or whether or not we would be able to sell our stock.  Luckily it was a lovely, sunny Sunday and Bath was buzzing.  There was a lot of street theatre in our immediate vicinity and a general sense of well being all round.  It wasn’t long before we had our first sale and then a steady stream of people interested in our art and what we were trying to do.  We sold nearly all our stock – even the art that we had the most doubts about – and we were thrilled.  Not only did it mean we could start all over again but we had found new and loving homes for our Charity Shop Art.