Who is K. Hoskin?



We gave ourselves an upper limit of £5 per work of art.  I have to confess that I spent over that on this one.  It cost me £6 but I couldn’t resist it.

It is an original oil painting by K. Hoskin.  It is large, 2ft x 2.5ft (or 62cm x 78cm).  I would say it was very well painted although to my eye there is something not quite right about the large pot at the back.

I did my best to find out who K. Hoskin is.  He or she doesn’t have a website but there were some similar paintings for sale on a South African website so perhaps K. Hoskin is South African.  The other paintings I found on line by this artist had a similar look about them and I would say the artefacts were very likely to be African.

In any event, I would say it was definitely worth more than £6 and definitely deserved to be re-homed!



7 thoughts on “Who is K. Hoskin?

  1. I wonder what happened to this painting.The artefacts are most likely Southwestern, New Mexico.USA I believe. I have a Hoskins on canvass but a print I think,so not an original but I am no expert just a New Mexico fan,therefore the reason for snapping up the “painting” for £10. bought from a second hand shop some years ago in Sheffield UK, with somewhat similar detail, pot, basket ,moccasin, rep peppers,and blanket on table in similar fashion. Curious to hear more of the story

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