Three Didcot Dazzlers!

Last week Peta found three absolute gems in a charity shop in Didcot, Oxfordshire. All three only cost her £5 and here they are:

1. On the back of this one it says “Screech Owl. Pen and wash. £35”. The artist is S. Harling about whom I can find nothing but I do think it is rather a beautiful owl.

2. This one is called “Snow, Rockland County”. It was painted on 6th August 2002 by Joan Durbin. Again, I have not be able to find out anything about the artist but I do like it very much. I think it is quite atmospheric. Rockland County is in the US state of New York, about 15 miles northwest of Manhatten. Perhaps the artist is American but how did it end up in Didcot? What stories could it tell?

3. The third little gem is perhaps the most interesting and also the cheapest at only £1. On the back there is a label stating that it is of “Sienna”. It is signed by Clifford H Fisher. Although I haven’t been able to find out anything about the man himself work by him does crop up on various auction websites and, needless to say, sells for more than £1. I think he must have been a bit of a traveller. I wonder who he is/was and if he is still painting?


3 thoughts on “Three Didcot Dazzlers!

  1. Clifford H Fisher was eadmaster at everley Boys School in New Malden Surrey and retired many years ago after I left in 1975. He retired to Eastbourne and took up painting and proved very good at it. His work goes for several hundred pounds. Hope this helps

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