A Swiss Sensation by Reg Jones


This painting is called “Swiss Alpine Restaurant” and is signed by Reg Jones with his address somewhere on the Berkshire/Hampshire borders. He put a price of £50 on the back.

Try as I might, I cannot find this Reg Jones unless he was Britney’s first lover or the man who went to sea in a canoe back in 2007. I don’t think he is an Australian amateur golfer or an ex-chairman of General Electric back in the 70s. Perhaps he masterminded a £135,000 benefits scam and had a personalised number plate that read BIG REG?

Actually, I don’t think he was any of the above but just plain old Reg Jones who went to Switzerland for his holidays and brought back a postcard or a photograph of his favourite place which he then copied onto a canvas.

He put his telephone number on the back as well as his address and I could telephone him but It might upset him, or his family, to know that his painting ended up in a charity shop and sold for less than £5. So I won’t do that but rest assured, Reg, we will find it a good home if its the last thing we do!


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