Does this place exist?


There are few clues to this one. The signature is P. Norton and the date is 1994. I did find 2 watercolours by a P.Norton on an auction website. One was of Killarney in Ireland and the other of somewhere in Scotland. I thought this might be Ireland and found a photo of Ross Castle in Killarney in S.W Ireland but I am not convinced.


Anyway, it hardly matters when this is such an attractive pastel drawing and it only cost £3. Perhaps it is a good thing that it could be anywhere and it might just remind you of somewhere.


Two of a kind


These two digitally manipulated photographs are by the same artist, Tessa Wyatt. Both are dated 2011.

The picture on the left is labelled ‘Reflections of Saltars boats and trees No.2’. I am not sure what this means but there is a place called Saltars Point in Washington county in the U.S. it is on the water so it could be this place.

The other picture (right) is labelled Bourges. Bourges is a city in central France which is famous for a Gothic cathedral. I think I can see the cathedral in this picture.

Tessa Wyatt does have a blog:

I forgot to mention, they cost £1.99 each. Something of a bargain I think when it is clear this lady is a serious contemporary artist. I particularly like the picture on the left “Saltars”. The colours are very striking.

Covered Bridge New England


Sadly I have never been to New England but apparently covered bridges are ten a penny. Some have roads through them and some are narrower for walking or cycling. They first appeared in New England during the 19th century and it seems nobody quite knows why they are covered. One idea is that the cover helps to protect the bridges from the ravages of the New England weather and another is that, as they tend to look like barns, animals are happier to cross rivers by going through them. Either way, they are very picturesque especially during ‘The Fall’.

This particular signed print (top) numbered 36/200, is by Jean Tallman. According to the Bedford Historical Society, Jean is a well known local artist in Bedford, New Hampshire. Indeed, it is possible to view a number of her works on line and on auction websites. This is a charming print (possibly finding its way to England after a holiday in New England) and worth every penny of the £2.99 that was paid for it.


Casting pearls before swine

This phrase comes from the Bible – the Sermon on the Mount. It means to give things of value to those who do not appreciate them.

It was a phrase that came to mind when I read the inscription on the back of this next painting and I will explain why later. The inscription says:
“For Michael and Caroline to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary and 20 years in Sedgewell House. With all our love David and Fiona”.

Sedgewell House is, I think, located in a Sedgewell Road near Reading, Berkshire and not a million miles from where I found the picture.

Now, why the title to this entry? Well, a 30th wedding anniversary is a Pearl Anniversary and I think to have given this away does not show the appreciation it deserves especially when it was given with such love. Even without the connection to the house and the owners of the house this is a lovely, well executed, little watercolour and would grace anybody’s wall. I bought it for a mere 99p which I can’t help feeling quite sad about.


You Tube if you want to …

Yes, You Tube is where you will find this next artist, Richard Conway-Jones.

I was quite excited when I saw this next picture and paid the extra 25p just to buy it. It is well framed and mounted, done in charcoal and there is a lot of information on the back. Not only is it signed on the front but on the back are the artist’s stamps and an original price tag of £100. On the back it also says “The Apple Tree at M..(can’t decipher) Farm where I stayed near Sunnemo Varmlands Sweden.

Sunnemo is in the Swedish interior and perhaps looks something like this:


Here is The Apple Tree by Richard Conway Jones, a lovely charcoal drawing that deserves a good and loving home.


Richard’s website:

Perhaps I should e mail him?