Jolly Boating Weather!


This was one that failed to sell when we were in Bath and I don’t know why at a mere £2.50. It is painted by M. Prowse who put an original asking price of £8 on the back ( a definite under-valuation to my mind). I think it is a watercolour although guache may have been used which is similar but more opaque.

There is a label on the back giving the address of the framers in Didcot, Oxfordshire which makes me think that it is a scene along the Thames somewhere possibly in Oxford itself. I found an M. Prowse living in Oxford, could it be one and the same?

Meanwhile there are lots of Prowses living in the West Country and, just out of interest, did you know that DAVE Prowse played Darth Vader in the 3 original Star Wars films? Apparently he was going to be unmasked in the 3rd film but George Lucas decided to use someone else for that scene. What an insult! Poor Dave probably never got over that.

I am reliably informed that Dave Prowse was the Green Cross Man too but I think I have digressed too far!


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