Rules are made to be broken

We, at the Charity Shop Art Appreciation Society, have a few rules when it comes to collecting and re-homing original art. Firstly, we must find original art and it should not cost more than £5 (except in special circumstances – see entry for 20th June “Who is K. Hoskin?”). Another rule is that price stickers must be left on so we can be seen not to be making a profit when we re-home art. The fourth rule is that the picture must be sold as it was bought, i.e. not cleaned up in any way.

I have just broken the fourth rule.

The glass on this particular work of art was so dirty I was compelled to clean it for the sake of the photograph. Lo and behold! Beneath the dirt encrusted glass was a beautifully bright and attractive original print. It is of a Bird of Paradise flower and was made, and signed by Colin Form. It is numbered 7/20 and cost £2.95. I love it.



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