Tie a yellow ribbon….

…round the old oak tree, or so the song goes. It was made a hit by Dawn back in 1973 and ever since I saw the title of the next picture I couldn’t stop singing it and it’s driving me nuts! I thought I might clear my head by looking into the history of the yellow ribbon and came up with a few interesting facts.

Apparently the Puritans used to wear yellow ribbons or sashes and they may have taken the idea to America back in the 1600s. Then a yellow ribbon worn around the neck of a woman during the American Civil War indicated that she was waiting for a particular soldier to come back. After the hit song, and on the occasion of the American hostage crisis in Iran during 1981, the idea of wearing and displaying yellow ribbons really came to the fore in the US. It is now a very popular, and accepted way, of thinking about those who have gone to war or are lost or kept hostage.

But, once again I digress. Here is the picture that brought all this on:


This dear little picture (3″x5″) is called, yes you guessed, “The Old Oak Tree”. The signature is, I think, P G Watts. It is made using a total of about 9 leaves and perhaps the oak tree is a flower from a tree. They have been fixed on to a piece of white material to make a lovely, little, countryside scene. It is in a very nice frame and cost £1.99.


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