A heavy metaler’s Mum?


This is the back of this little watercolour.

I had to look up Barmouth. It is situated on the west coast of north Wales lying between a mountain range and the sea. It looks like a lovely old town with a beach, a harbour and the “spectacular Barmouth bridge”. The estuary is the Mawddach estuary which Wordsworth referred to as the “sublime estuary”. I tried to find a photograph that would match the painting but alas I could not. Here is one anyway:


As to Ollie Catley, the only one I can find is the mother of Bob Catley, lead singer of the heavy metal band Magnum. Sadly Ollie has passed away and I have tried to contact Bob through the Magnum website but no luck so far. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to reunite him with the painting if indeed it was done by his Mum? Watch this space.


I have just heard from someone called Annie at www.magnumonline.co.uk who tells me the artist Ollie Catley is most likely Bob’s mum as she loved painting. I have asked her to ask Bob if he would like to give a home to this one. Further update pending.
Further Update
Annie doesn’t think she can ask Bob at the moment and told me to keep it and enjoy it. I don’t think she looked at this website or understood what I was trying to do. Never mind, I will try and find it a good home when we have our next sale. I have to admit, I got quite excited for a moment and thought I had found the painting’s true home, ah well…..


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