Casting pearls before swine

This phrase comes from the Bible – the Sermon on the Mount. It means to give things of value to those who do not appreciate them.

It was a phrase that came to mind when I read the inscription on the back of this next painting and I will explain why later. The inscription says:
“For Michael and Caroline to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary and 20 years in Sedgewell House. With all our love David and Fiona”.

Sedgewell House is, I think, located in a Sedgewell Road near Reading, Berkshire and not a million miles from where I found the picture.

Now, why the title to this entry? Well, a 30th wedding anniversary is a Pearl Anniversary and I think to have given this away does not show the appreciation it deserves especially when it was given with such love. Even without the connection to the house and the owners of the house this is a lovely, well executed, little watercolour and would grace anybody’s wall. I bought it for a mere 99p which I can’t help feeling quite sad about.



2 thoughts on “Casting pearls before swine

  1. Maybe Michael, Caroline, David and Fiona have all moved on, reminds me of Auden’s line in Lullaby – ‘and the grave proves the child ephemeral’…’s amazing to think of any work of art, whether like this one or a Picasso or a Titian for instance, that somewhere in time somebody’s mind and soul and body combined in what was then the present to transmit thought, idea, imagination, maybe even love, through their body to create something new to the world, unique. Another biblical phrase comes to mind: every hair is numbered and every grain of sand (forgive me if the quote isn’t exact). Such is the way of life.

    • Yes, I am sure they have all moved on in one way or another. As to the rest of what you say, I think you have put in to words the fascination I have with charity shop art. Each work of art is a treasure and every picture tells a story….

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