It Takes Two to Tango!

Back in the early days of the Charity Shop Art Appreciation Society (June 2013) I found this in a local charity shop and wrote about it under the title ‘Who is Janet and what is a Fosse?’


Much to my surprise, just yesterday, I found it’s companion in a different charity shop and paid just £1.95 for the pleasure of owning it and re-uniting it with the one above.


This one is called ‘The Old Bridge, Malham’ and is signed by K. A. Fosset (or perhaps Forrest). The artist is clearly talented and lives in or has a love for North Yorkshire, which is where Malham is situated. A link to more information on that area is below. It is a beautiful part of the world.

So far we haven’t had luck in rehoming Janet’s Fosse but perhaps now there are two we will have. They are unframed so that could be the reason. I love them and for less than £5 for the pair they are worth every penny of a couple of frames.


What’s in a name?

That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.
(Romeo and Juliet)

A Dog Rose.

I believe this lovely little drawing, using coloured pencils, is of dog roses. It is signed by Mary. It is well mounted and framed and either Mary loved it very much or she gave it to someone else who loved it too.


Sadly it did not find a new home in Chipping Norton but I think that is because it is so dainty and sweet it didn’t stand out enough amongst the other paintings. We will have to remember that next time we have a stall!

One other interesting fact: The Dog Rose is the national flower of Romania. I bet you didn’t know that!

Mulling over Mull

Mull is the word used in Scotland for a promontory – think Mull of Kintyre that catchy song by Paul McCartney. Mull is also the name of the second largest island in the Hebrides off the West Coast of Scotland. I think I put a foot on it once.


Mull is an island of peninsulas which give it a long and varied coastline and it has spectacular wildlife from whales and dolphins to eagles and otters. I think that is what this artist, Richard Conway-Jones, tried to show in this lovely watercolour simply titled ‘Isle of Mull’. He has certainly captured the colours of Scotland and I like it a lot. It cost £2.25.


I have come across this artist before and we have already re-homed one of his pieces. I think he lives locally to me and has recently had a clear out because his work keeps turning up. You can find him on You Tube and he has a website

A Cranesbill (Geranium) or a Storksbill (Pelargonium)?


Originally they were all Geraniums but Charles L’Heritier separated them in 1789. One of the differences is the shape of the flowers. Geraniums are radially symmetrical (5 similar petals) whereas pelargoniums have 2 upper petals which differ from the 3 lower.

This leads me on to my newest acquisition. A print, numbered 287/700, of a geranium by Mary Elaine Courtenay. It looks as if the original was done with pencil and watercolour. It is rather charming and cost £2.99. This Cranesbill needs a new home.


Mad or Altruistic – we’ve been called both!

Whatever we are we had a great day in Chipping Norton. The Town Hall:

Our stall (no the Queen wasn’t for sale):


Once again, we managed to re-home almost all our stock. We met and chatted to lots of people who were interested in and liked what we were doing. We had to say goodbye to some of our favourites but at least we know they have gone to good homes. Here are just some of the ones that went:
















Now to re-stock…..!

Is the Chipping Norton Set set?

SET is the word with the most definitions in the English language – 464 to be precise so here goes:
I am going to set my alarm clock and set my sails and set off for Chipping Norton tomorrow morning. My set purpose is to set up a stall and set out to sell (with my friend, Peta, and fellow founder of the Charity Shop Art Appreciation Society) as many original works of charity shop art as we can set our minds to do. We can sell in sets or singly and prices are set at £5 or less. We are setting our sights on rehoming as many works of art as possible. I could go on but this is setting my teeth on edge. Suffice to set, sorry say, we will be there all set up tomorrow.


Somewhere in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.

A Green Man


This green man, or man with a green face, was bought locally for £1.75. It is an original, signed print marked EMF 1/8 and signed LRB. Needless to say I can find out little about EMF or LRB although they are both the names of bands.

I thought of The Incredible Hulk but decided he looked a little too pensive and not scary enough for that. So I looked up the history of green men. A traditional green man is usually surrounded by leaves and branches and is a figure from Pagan times. That green man is also found in churches and other sites across Europe. I don’t think he is that one.


The ancient Egyptians showed Osiris with a green face and that dates back to 1295 BC. Definitely not him though.


No, I think this artist just gave this man a green face because it suited him and I tend to agree. There is a very soulful expression on that face giving a rawness and naivety to the work. I like it a lot and I hope someone in Chipping Norton will like it too.