A red herring or something more meaningful?


I had to open the back of this next painting in order to get a clue as to where it might be and what should I find but an Italian paper towel depicting a couple, lots of gold circles and the words (in Italian) ‘Today’s brides and grooms in Cambodia’. Well it did give me a clue as to the whereabouts of the scene in the painting (Italy) and there was some barely decipherable writing on the back of the actual painting which said ‘Laveno Intra Ferry 98 CF’.

Laveno turns out to be a town on the shores of Lake Maggiore in North Western Italy. A car ferry links the town with Intra on the other side of the lake. So detective work done, here is the painting.


I have to admit that I find this watercolour to be a bit of a wishy washy view of the lake and the mountains at sunset but I do understand what the artist was trying to do. However a lot of sky and water can be difficult unless your name is Turner of course. Here is a photo of Lake Maggiore at sunset.


So, was the paper towel a red herring or a momento of a romantic journey? I guess we shall never know but it gave me something to write about!


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