What would Verity say?

Here she is in a car park in Ifracombe by kind donation of one of the locals, Damien Hurst.

I don’t know Ilfracombe but I wonder if that is Lantern Hill behind her as I gather it dominates the town (or dominated now that Verity is there).

To my next picture. This is an original watercolour signed by John T. Tagget. The title is Lantern Hill and Hillsborough, Ilfracome. On researching this view what should I find but this, an old postcard with the artist named as Brian Gerald.


And here is the one I have:


They are almost identical which leads me to believe that John copied his painting from a postcard which doesn’t detract from the fact that it is a very good watercolour and John was clearly a very competent artist. This only cost £1.95 and then I found another one. See next post (above) but I am going to see if I can find another old postcard to match that one before I write about it.


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