Brotherly Love

Once upon a time (well about 450 years ago) there were two brothers, Albert and Albrecht. They were both talented artists but their father could not afford to send both boys away to study so the boys tossed a coin to see which one would go. Albrecht won and Albert went down the mines in order to support him. In due course Albrecht was recognised as a talented artist and started to become rich and famous but, being the good brother that he was, he returned home and told Albert that it was now his turn to go and study and be supported. Alas, through his tears, Albert said that he could not go as his hands had been ruined working in the mines and he could no longer hold a pencil or a brush. Albrecht then drew his poor brother’s abused hands and called the sketch ‘Hands’. It later became one of the most famous sketches in the world and is known more commonly as ‘The Praying Hands’ (c.1508)’. Albrecht is of course Albrecht Durer (1471-1528).


In 1996, Betty Bradley from Doncaster did a tapestry of ‘The Praying Hands’ and very beautifully done it is. Betty was a needle woman extraordinaire. I hope it will find a new home soon especially now I know the story behind it.



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