The world’s ugliest statue?

This statue (the eighth tallest in the world) stands on the Moskva River in Moscow. It is of Peter the Great and commemorates 300 years of the Russian navy which Peter the Great founded. It is 328ft high and weighs in at over 600 tons. It was created by Zurab Tseretelli and has courted much controversy over the years. Apparently Peter the Great hated Moscow and moved the capital of Russia to St Petersberg. Many Moscovites would like the statue moved there too!

It was erected in 1997 but just 10 years earlier another Russian artist did a beautiful little etching of part of the Moskva River and somehow it found its way to a charity shop in Oxfordshire selling for just £1. I can’t read Russian so I can’t read the signature or the label on the back. Is there anyone out there who can? Here it is followed by the label on the back which has a rather interesting picture of a hand and dove on it. A mystery.




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