Halcyon Days the story

According to Greek mythology, Alcyone, daughter of Aeolus and Ceyx threw herself into the sea when her husband drowned in a shipwreck. The gods transformed them into kingfishers. Aeolus calmed the waves for seven days, either side of the winter solstice, so she could lay her eggs. These became know as the Halcyon Days; days of calm, peace, prosperity and abundance. From the word Halcyon we get the name of the kingfisher.

Nowadays we tend to think of Halcyon Days as the sunny days of our youth that we look back on with nostalgia.

My next piece of charity shop art is a beautifully executed embroidery of a kingfisher sitting on a branch above some water, as they do, with another diving into the water below. There are no clues on it as to when, how, where and by whom it was created. I wonder if they were thinking of their Halcyon Days as they stitched.



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