The closest church to the sea

In Scotland, the closest church to the sea is St Monans which is situated on the north shore of the Firth of Forth.

The story goes that St Monan was buried at a shrine there and the village took his name. The church was built in 1265 to 1267 right beside the beach. It was rebuilt by King David II between 1362 and 1370 as a result of him having survived a storm at sea.
In the church there is at least one 18th century model ship hanging from the ceiling at the side of the transept. It was put there as a thanksgiving for the harvest from the sea.

This next picture is a very fine pen and ink drawing of the interior of the church and is entitled ‘The Ship in the Kirk, St Monans’. I say it is very fine because the perspective is almost spot on when it must have been quite difficult to draw. It is signed by quite an elaborate monogram and I would think the artist was Scottish because of the use of the word ‘Kirk’. I would also say it is quite old, possibly from the 1920s/30s. It cost £5 which is at the top of our price range but well worth it.



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