P..P..P..Pick up a painting of a penguin!

A King Penguin to be precise and here is the painting of a family:

A water colour painted on to silk, signed and dated 1981.

King Penguins are the second largest of the penguins and live in colonies on sub-Antarctic Islands. The eggs are incubated at the parents’ feet. Chicks can take up to 16 months to fledge and are left during the winter for up to 5 months. Here is a photo of parent and chicks (they must be tough little critters):


The painting is a pretty good likeness I think you will agree and cost only £2.25. A bargain!


The course of true love…..

Back in 1986 HRH Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson and they became the Duke and Duchess of York. Sarah, commonly known as Fergie, grew up at her father’s farm at Dummer in Hampshire. In order to celebrate the occasion of the marriage the Royal Mail commissioned an artist called Stephen Thomas to design the first day cover for the stamps issued to mark the wedding. Here it is:

It shows All Saints Church, Dummer, here is a photo:

I found all this rather interesting as my next picture is a limited edition print, signed and numbered 176/190, and is the very same painting of the church at Dummer that appeared on the first day cover. Stephen Thomas now lives in Hong Kong and has a website http://www.freewebtown.com/stephenthomas/stpw.html
This is the picture, a bit of history perhaps, and all for just £3!


Thermo Chemical Nano Lithography

Was used to create the smallest painting in the world: a copy of the Mona Lisa (or Mini Lisa). It is a just one third of the width of a human hair and here it is, a bit blurred but instantly recognisable:


My next painting is small but not that small! I photographed it next to a rose to give an idea of size. It is signed by P Pardo so I wonder if it was a little souvenir of a holiday in Spain or Italy. I could only find a Mexican footballer called Pavel Pardo or an Italian street artist called Progetto Pardo neither of whom fit the bill but here are photos anyway:

The footballer, above.

The work of the street artist, below.


Finally my little painting which I think only cost me 50p. What a gem.


And now for something completely different

A ceramic plaque by Mollie Hillam, mounted on fabric and framed in a silver coloured, metal frame. On the back is an address label for Mollie which is The Pottery, Fulneck Moravian Settlement, Pudsey, Leeds, West Yorkshire (what an interesting address). Sadly I think Mollie is no longer with us and I have not been able to find out anything about her but there is quite a bit of her work on various auction sites. Here is the plaque:

Here is another one of her pieces which I think is rather beautiful.

I only paid £1.99 for this beautiful and delicate little ceramic picture. I think it is probably worth quite a bit more and deserves to be appreciated.

The past is a foreign country:

They do things differently there.

From The Go-Between by L P Hartley

In my case this is quite literally true because I spent quite a lot of my past in a foreign country. One of the places I lived for a while was Menorca, one of the Balearic Islands belonging to Spain. Menorca has an interesting and varied history having been occupied by almost everyone from the Greeks and the Romans to the British (with a rumour that Lord Nelson once set foot on it).
There is a small town called Es Castell (the Castle) near the capital Mahon. When I lived there it was called Villa Carlos and when the English were there it was called Georgetown. One of the loveliest parts of Es Castell is a little bay/harbour called Calas Fonts with bars and restaurants set in to the rock face.

Here it is looking really pretty at night.


Ah, happy memories! But I digress….

Here is a lovely pen and ink drawing done in 1976 by V Hankinson. I think it is a limited edition print although not signed. I was delighted to find it in a local charity shop and it only set me back £1.95. Not much to spend on all those memories.


God’s own county

Yorkshire in North East England is also known as God’s Own County and it is not hard to see why..

The Yorkshire Dales are particularly special and within that area is Old Hill Inn:

This is also the name of a photograph by Gordon Stokes signed and dated 2007 and with a very atmospheric and peaceful feel to it. Gordon Stokes has his own website gordonstokes.co.uk and not only is he a very good photographer but he is also a transport researcher in Oxford and he looks rather nice!

He will next be exhibiting at a Christmas Exhibition to be held at the Edith Road Workshops in Oxford from 22nd to 24th November.
Here is the photo which was bought for just £2.99 and which deserves a frame and a place in someone’s home.