Beneath the Snow Encumbered Branches

By Joseph Farquharson.

This was one of Hallmark Cards most popular images on a Christmas card. The artist, Joseph Farquharson, was the Laird of Finzean. Finzean is an area situated in the North East of Scotland near Aberdeen. I think it is staggeringly beautiful and I wish I had found it in a charity shop but alas it was bought £145,000 some years ago so I think it unlikely even if the owner tired of it.

I found this photograph entitled ‘Winter Day at Finzean’ by Paul Chapman from Aberdeen. What a beautiful part of the world it must be.



A sledging bear?

Or a bear on a sledge?

That is sledging before it became a word for abuse!

Anyway, the above ‘sledging bear’ is a delightful little embroidery with a Christmas theme. It is dated Christmas1998 and signed by Beryl on the back. Was it a gift I wonder or a decoration? In any event it was bought for only 95p. Not much to pay for all that hard work and Christmas cheer!

Heathcliff’s Birthplace

Haworth Parsonage is in the village of Howarth in the West Riding of Yorkshire. It was built in 1778 and is famously the home of the Bronte family. Charlotte, Emily and Anne did most do their writing in the dining room there including Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. You can read all about it by going to Here is a photo of the Parsonage as it is today:

My next painting is an original watercolour by Virginia Lewin of Halifax. The last reference I can find to Virginia is in the Halifax Courier dated January 2010 when she stepped in at short notice to give a talk on watercolour painting to the Hipperholme and Lightcliff Art Society. The painting is called Howarth Parsonage and is signed. Here it is:

I think it is rather atmospheric – somewhere on the nearby Moors I can hear Heathcliff and Cathy calling to each other…..