What a difference a frame makes!

I found this next original watercolour looking very sorry for itself. The frame and the way it was carelessly mounted on a piece of paper completely distracted me from the painting itself. It was only when I brought it home that I realised what a very good painting it was. There are no clues as to who the artist is or where it was painted. On the back it says ‘Happy Mothers Day 1962 Mum’ which already makes it over 50 years old (half an antique!). Was it to Mum or from Mum? We shall never know. Here it is:


I carefully removed the painting and placed it over another with a mount and a good frame. Now, look at it. Wouldn’t it grace any wall? It only cost £1.95 and I am very pleased to have rescued it, I just need to find it a new home….



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