Not only the Fuchsia…

but the Begonia, the Lobelia, the Magnolia and the Plumeria (to name but a few) were discovered by the French botanist, Charles Plumier (1646-1704).

Charles Plumier was originally a Franciscan monk, vegetarian and botanist to Louis XIV of France. He travelled far and wide and during his lifetime documented 4,300 plants and 1,200 animals. He discovered the Fuchsia on the Caribbean island then known as Hispaniola between the years 1697-1677. Here is a picture of his original drawing:


And here is a painting on silk done by Pam Stanley and handmade at the Seion Weaving Centre in Llanberis, Wales. I can’t find any information about Pam or the Weaving Centre. However this does not distract from this beautiful depiction of Fuchsias and it only cost me 99p. I am sure Chas would have approved and given it a home.



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