Q: What is a tidal reach?

A: the vertical difference between high and low tide at a given point.

Living in the UK and with 11,072.76 miles (17,820 km) of tidal coastline we know that the tidal reach, or range, can be significant in some places. One such place is the North Norfolk Coast. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty and bird watching capital of the UK. It consists of mainly coastal marshes, soft cliffs, beaches, dunes and mudflats. The coastline is mainly undeveloped and includes intertidal areas, towns and villages. Here is a typical North Norfolk view:

And here an aerial view of Holkham and Wells beach:


Stunningly beautiful, so I think it is rather a pity that my next watercolour failed to quite capture anything of that beauty. It is entitled ‘A Tidal Reach, North Norfolk’. It is signed by Ida Cubitt and was once for sale at £25. Did someone buy it as a souvenir I wonder?

Although I am not particularly keen on this painting I believe there might be someone out there who might see in it something that I don’t and give it a home. It only cost £2.45.


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