A Nubian Maiden

I have to confess my next painting forced me to try and find out exactly what a Nubian Maiden was. Nubia was an ancient land which first came into existence about 3000BC. It is situated in the North East of Africa, along the Nile, and is now part of Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt. The Noba people were nomads but settled In the area in about the 4th century. Nubian women were known for their beauty and strength and quite a number became queens of Egypt. Here is a photograph of one.


This next watercolour is by Bryan Mason with a sticker on the back that says “Nubian Maiden Copeland Statuette”. Could it have been a design for Copeland or did he like it enough to just paint it? Having done my research I don’t think it looks much like a Nubian Maiden but more like a Water Maiden of the Nile. In any case it only cost £2.50 and would look good on anybody’s wall.



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