St Barnabas Church – a short and varied history

By all accounts, the more genteel members of Guernsey in the Channel Islands, were not very happy about sharing their church with the less well off elements of that society. This led to the building of a separate church to meet the needs of the poor. It was the Rev R J Ozanne who found the site and started the fundraising for the Church of St Barnabas on Tower Hill, St Peter Port, Guernsey which was completed in 1874. Sadly (or perhaps happily when you consider the reason for the building of the church in the first place) the congregation had dropped off by the 1920s and the church was closed. It fell into disrepair and was variously used as a soup kitchen and museum until in 2005 when it was taken over by the Island Archives Service. Here it is in all it’s glory standing proudly above St Peter Port:

My next Charity Shop find is a print by Richard Thompson. It is numbered 14/50, signed and titled St Barnabas, St Peter Port, Guernsey. There is quite a lot about Richard on the back but you can also read about him at this link:
Here is the print, not bad for £1.95.



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