is the naming and classifying or grouping of organisms. It was a system devised by Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) and is still used to this day. He devised the two part system where every living thing had two Latin names with the genus first and then the species. It is still the starting point for modern botanical nomenclature. Here he is:

My next Charity Shop Art find is of Tropaeolum Majus or more commonly the Nasturtium. Linnaeus gave this plant this name because the plant reminded him of an ancient Roman custom which was that after a victory in battle the Romans would place the armour of their vanquished enemy on a trophy pole or tropaeum. Linnaeus thought the leaves of the Nasturtium looked like shields and the flowers like blood stained helmets.

Below is a rather fine drawing of that plant. There is a tiny signature which looks like SW and it is dated ’95:



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