A morally stimulating pastime


Keeping indoor plants was thought of as such by the Victorians. However keeping plants in pots goes back at least as far as Egyptian times. Indeed all ancient civilisations were known to keep plants in pots for a variety of reasons.
Terracotta pots were vital in the transportation of plants around the world thus giving us such a rich diversity of choice when we buy our pot plants today. After the Victorians the idea of keeping plants in pots indoors grew and grew and huge nurseries and greenhouses now supply our ever increasing demands.
This next charity shop find is a painting done in acrylic by B. Goodall. The original price on the back is £40.



Porto Portese – View from a tent

Porto Portese is a small, quiet town on the west coast of Lake Garda in Italy. There is a little harbour and a stony beach there and it is a stopping off point for the Lake Garda ferry. There are also two churches and a ruined castle as well as a few restaurants and bars. Here is a view looking down over it:


This view looks very similar to that done by an artist called P.Boggon back in 1982. Written in pencil at the bottom of this coloured pencil drawing are the words “Towards Port Portese from outside tent. Canvas hols, Lake Garda 1982”.

I can’t find out anything about P. Boggon but I think he was quite a talented artist.