Small is Beautiful

This is the phrase that came to mind after I bought a tiny, original, oil painting in a local charity shop and so this is what I Googled. I had no idea that the phrase was originally the title of a book by E F Schumacher. The book is called Small is Beautiful A Study of Economics. However the phrase came from his teacher, Leopoldo Kohr, who inspired a movement opposed to the “cult of bigness” describing himself as a philosophical anarchist and I could go on….

Mr Schumacher below:

The painting that brought all this on:

The actual painting measures 6cm x 9cm. There is no clue about where it is or who painted it.


Are you still there, Richard Wood?


Richard wood wrote this message back in 1979 and placed it with the stamped, addressed postcard in an envelope on the back of his watercolour entitled Clapdale. Clapdale is a small dale in the Yorkshire Dales (a dale is the old Nordic/Germanic word for a valley). This is Clapdale:


Richard Wood however lived in Holmbrook, a village in the same area of Cumbria. I say “lived” because I can find no record of him living there now and I fear that if I sent the postcard in the hope that he was still around I would never see it again and I would like to keep it with the painting. I think, sadly, I may be 35 years too late for some more information. The painting itself is a rather beautiful view from a window: