Cats – Different things to different people

Over the millennia cats have meant different things to different people.  They have been gods, hunters and thieves and thought of as evil, unlucky or lucky.  Their history stretches back 9,500 years and they were domesticated in order to hunt mice.  In Ancient Egypt they were revered and feature in Greek and Roman history as well as Norse Mythology.  They are one of the most popular subjects on You Tube and so to this day are just as important as part of our society.

  A mummified Egyptian cat.

  A Medieval portrait of a cat.

  David Shrigley 2012

Finally here is a beautiful watercolour and ink portrait of a cat.  It is entitled ‘Watching’ and is signed on the back by Angela J. Whiteman.  I can’t find Angela anywhere although she possibly still paints somewhere around Chichester on the south coast of England. 



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