The next parish to America

is the village of Dun Chaoin on the Dingle Peninsula in South West Ireland, or so the locals say.  The Dingle Peninsula, or Corca Dhuibhne, stretches for 30 miles into the Atlantic Ocean from Couny Kerry on the  West coast of Ireland.  It is dominated by a range of mountains with steep cliffs and sandy beaches.  It is the most western point of Ireland and possibly Europe.  It does look stunningly beautiful and unspoilt.

Those of a certain age might remember the film Ryan’s Daughter which was filmed there.

My next painting, an original watercolour, is by Margaret C Middleton, dated 1998. It is entitled ‘The Dingle Peninsula, W. Ireland’ and its original selling price was £20.  Margaret’s address, also on the back, is in Abingdon in Oxfordshire.

  I think she has captured something of the timeless beauty of the place.


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