Faversham: the town that built Britain

Faversham in Kent has the best medeival street in England, the oldest brewery and helped to win the Battle of Trafalgar with the explosives produced there.  It is in a prime location at the head of a navigable creek with easy access to London and to Europe.  It has been settled since pre-Roman times.  Until the 1930s the Creek was a working waterway teeming with sailing barges but as freight took to the roads it gradually fell into disuse and the last shipyard closed in 1975.  The Faversham Creek Trust aims to restore Faversham Creek as a working waterway www.favershamcreektrust.com

This next charity shop find was given to me by my dear, old friend Tony and it is an absolute gem.  Painted  in watercolours by Stanley Andrews it is entitled Faversham Creek and originally sold for £35.  There is quite a lot about Stanley on the Internet and he is described as a ‘prominent English water colourist’ and was an elected member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists www.rsma-web.co.uk I say was because I think, from my research, that Stanley is now the late Stanley Andrews.

Here is an example of his work: 

Here is the watercolour that I have: 



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