Every church has its own history

There are around 16,000 Church of England churches half of which were built during the Middle Ages.  Christianity is thought to have arrived in England around 47AD and the oldest surviving church is St Martin’s in Canterbury built in about 590AD.  When the Normans arrived in the 11th Century they started to build lots and lots of churches believing that God had been on their side during the invasion.  The Tudor period saw the end of the church building era and far fewer have been built until this day.

Hard as I tried it has been impossible for me to identify the Norman church in the next watercolour.  I have looked at endless photos of churches but as there are 16,000 of them it has been rather a fruitless task.  There is a signature on the painting but I can’t find out anything about the artist so all I can say is that this is a rather lovely watercolour of somewhere by someone!



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