Cartoon cats: why are there so many?

The answer to that is I don’t know but here are just a few: 

Only in the 19th century did the term cartoon come to refer to humorous illustrations and it was in the 20th century that comic strips and animated films came into being.  Indeed it was a cat, Felix, who became the first, popular, animated cat and that was in the 1920s during the silent movie era.

Cartoon cats have come a long way since then with the You Tube hit Simon’s Cat being watched regularly by millions.  But did you know that in the town of East Looe in Cornwall you can find Clive’s cat?

Clive Gardner is the creator of Clive’s cat (Barry) and there is a shop in Looe where you can buy all manner of things Clive e.g. Clocks, calendars, prints, T-shirts, etc., which is where my next original, signed print must have come from.

Looe is a very nice town too.



Lost for words!

I am not often lost for words but on this occasion I am.  I found this next original, signed print in a local charity shop.  I really like it and it has been well mounted but apart from the signature there are no clues as to where it is.  The artist is N Frayling but, again, no clues.  So, here it is, just for the sake of it.