The dragonfly and an  incomplete metamorphosis 

It sounds like a contradiction in terms but an ‘incomplete metamorphosis’ is when an insect, such as a dragonfly, has a three stage life cycle instead of four and goes from egg to larva to adult.

Dragonflies were around over 300 million years ago and were amongst the first winged insects to evolve.  They have almost 360 degree vision and are a marvel of aerodynamic engineering being able to fly backwards and up to 20 mph.  They have four wings that they can operate separately and they are voracious predators.  There are over 6,000 species worldwide with the Globe Skimmer known to fly 18,000 Kms backwards and forwards across the Indian Ocean.  A great deal of information about British species is available at:

This next piece of original art is by Annabel J Harris (I think) and about whom I can find no information on the internet.  However I think it is  rather unusual piece although difficult to tell the medium.