About us

We are Rosemary Ashton and Peta Lloyd.  We are both artists and met whilst studying Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University from where we graduated in June 2009.

Rosemary and Peta:

      P1040985                                                  DSCF1346

We are the only and founder members of The Charity Shop Art Appreciation Society.  The idea came about as a development on thoughts and ideas about taste and value and this led us on to discuss the fate of original art found in charity shops.  This original art has often been beautifully mounted and framed and represents a good deal of work by the artist.  At some time it has been loved and valued not only by the artist but by the recipient of the art.  Many of the works have, not only messages on the back, but prices far exceeding the price the charity shop is asking for them.

We called our sale a Lost Property Sale because we felt that the art had been lost in charity shops and our intention was to re-sell it (at no profit to ourselves) to people who would once again give it the love and appreciation it deserved.

We were thrilled to sell most of our stock to people who really liked it.  Much of the work was not to our taste which made the exercise all the more interesting because it confirmed how different people’s tastes are.  What is so called ‘good taste’ anyway?  However, taste aside, everyone who bought something really wanted it and would give it a good home, of that we were sure.

We have so enjoyed collecting the art and selling it on that we hope, once stocks are replenished, that we will have another sale some time soon!


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