At the last count, 24 red dots had been placed on pictures in out Charity Shop Art exhibition, currently in its final week at Fringe Arts Bath. We are absolutely thrilled that so many people have taken an interest and are willing to re home some original art and we really hope that everyone will turn up on the 8th June to collect their chosen pieces. We will definitely be there at 4 p.m. and probably a bit earlier.

On the subject of red dots…..the first ones appeared on cave walls in France about 30,000 years ago.


Could the rest of the art in the cave been for sale? When did red dots become associated with a piece of art work that has been sold and why? A few questions to ponder.

“Nothing will come of nothing.”

So said King Lear in Shakespeare’s play of the same name. But something did come of nothing when, legend has it, Lear’s father, Prince Bladud, founded the City of Bath. One version of the story goes that the Prince caught leprosy and was banished from the court and forced to look after pigs. He noticed that the pigs also had a skin disease but when they wallowed in hot mud they were cured. Prince Bladud tried it and he too was cured, became King and founded the City of Bath.

Here he is in Bath with his pig:


Later, in about 50AD, the Romans arrived and built a temple around which the town grew up and was known as Aquae Sulis – the waters of Sul. When the Romans left the Saxons took over and the town went from strength to strength eventually becoming a City.

If you have never been it is worth a visit and if you visit between the 24th May and 8th June you can visit the Fringe Festival venue at 1 and 2 Stall Street and see many works collected by the Charity Shop Art Appreciation Society.


Mad or Altruistic – we’ve been called both!

Whatever we are we had a great day in Chipping Norton. The Town Hall:

Our stall (no the Queen wasn’t for sale):


Once again, we managed to re-home almost all our stock. We met and chatted to lots of people who were interested in and liked what we were doing. We had to say goodbye to some of our favourites but at least we know they have gone to good homes. Here are just some of the ones that went:
















Now to re-stock…..!

Is the Chipping Norton Set set?

SET is the word with the most definitions in the English language – 464 to be precise so here goes:
I am going to set my alarm clock and set my sails and set off for Chipping Norton tomorrow morning. My set purpose is to set up a stall and set out to sell (with my friend, Peta, and fellow founder of the Charity Shop Art Appreciation Society) as many original works of charity shop art as we can set our minds to do. We can sell in sets or singly and prices are set at £5 or less. We are setting our sights on rehoming as many works of art as possible. I could go on but this is setting my teeth on edge. Suffice to set, sorry say, we will be there all set up tomorrow.


Somewhere in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.