Last year, 2013, we had 3 sales/exhibitions of our charity shop art. We tried to pick 3 different venues and see how we got on. The idea was to generate interest and to re-home as much charity shop art as we could.

Bath Fringe Festival


This was our first sale and we were very unsure about how it would go. It was a warm, sunny Sunday in the open air in a bustling and busy Bath during the Fringe Arts Festival. There was a great atmosphere and after a slow start we began re-homing and cleared most of our stock.

Chipping Norton Craft Fair


Chipping Norton is a small market town in Oxfordshire and about as different from Bath as you could get. The sale went slowly but we still managed to do quite well and re-home a lot of original art. Everyone was very friendly and interested in what we were doing so another successful day.

Bucks University Christmas Fair, High Wycombe


We thought we would try a university hoping that there would be a bit of a buzz before Christmas. Alas, it was a bit disappointing and we were not able to re-home very much, although it wasn’t a total disaster, but it did make us start to question what we were doing.

The Big Question for 2014

Do we carry on?

Watch this space!


2014 – Fringe Arts Bath

We were given a room of our own in which to exhibit our Charity Shop Art. It needed quite a bit of work but we got there in the end and it all looked rather splendid as you can see below:

6th September




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