Abingdon – bun throwing since 1761

Abingdon (aka Abingdon-on-Thames) is a historic market town in Oxfordshire with the curious tradition of throwing buns from the roof of the County Hall Museum on specific days of celebration, most recently Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee. This tradition dates back over 250 years to 1761. I can’t quite make out why the buns have to be thrown but somehow the tradition started.

Abingdon sits on the River Thames and it is said to be one of Britain’s oldest continuously lived in towns with evidence of people having lived there 6000 years ago. It is certainly picturesque.


This next picture is not an original but a print of East St Helen Street, Abingdon the original watercolour having been painted by Ron Cosford. Ron has a website:
roncosford.com on which this picture appears for sale at £25
together with many others of local scenes.


In East St Helen Street there is the oldest, most complete medieval house which was built in 1431. The church in the distance is St Helen’s church first mentioned in the 10th century. For all this history we paid a mere £3.99 and it is a lovely watercolour too.