Howard who?

Back in June I was given a painting by my brother. He found it is a charity shop in High Wycombe and paid £2 for it. It was well framed and clearly painted by a accomplished artist. It was signed Howard and here it is:

I have recently had a short break in St Ives, Cornwall staying at a hotel called Pedn Olva It is a lovely hotel sitting on the cliff top and overlooking St Ives. When I walked in I immediately noticed that most of the paintings on the walls in the corridors and in the rooms were by someone called Howard and, yes, they were instantly recognisable as the same artist. Here is the one that was in my room (excuse the reflection):


Sadly, no one at the hotel seemed to know anything about Howard or the paintings but referred me to a particular gallery in St Ives. Someone at that gallery told me that the artist was a Howard Brown but more than that they did not know except that he was probably very old by now and that the hotel had bought all his paintings. Well, not all. Someone, somewhere has the Howard I re-homed and I hope they are enjoying it.