It Takes Two to Tango!

Back in the early days of the Charity Shop Art Appreciation Society (June 2013) I found this in a local charity shop and wrote about it under the title ‘Who is Janet and what is a Fosse?’


Much to my surprise, just yesterday, I found it’s companion in a different charity shop and paid just £1.95 for the pleasure of owning it and re-uniting it with the one above.


This one is called ‘The Old Bridge, Malham’ and is signed by K. A. Fosset (or perhaps Forrest). The artist is clearly talented and lives in or has a love for North Yorkshire, which is where Malham is situated. A link to more information on that area is below. It is a beautiful part of the world.

So far we haven’t had luck in rehoming Janet’s Fosse but perhaps now there are two we will have. They are unframed so that could be the reason. I love them and for less than £5 for the pair they are worth every penny of a couple of frames.


Who is Janet and what is a “fosse”?

I found this lovely print in a local charity shop. It is not numbered but it is signed and called “Janet’s Fosse, Malham”. Sadly the signature is almost illegible but it looks like K A Forest. Whoever he or she may be I think it is a skilfully drawn and coloured work of art. Probably pen and ink but judge for yourself. It came unframed and cost me £3. It definitely needs a good home!


As to my original question, Janet was said to be a fairy queen living in the cave behind this waterfall which is situated near Malham in the Yorkshire Dales. A “foss” is the Nordic word for waterfall and this, presumably, is where the word “fosse” comes from.